Today is the release date

I feel asleep Monday night like a little one on Christmas Eve, wondering if when I awoke, Santa would have brought me what I really wanted: a transit strike! I mean, I love the workers and I'm very sad for those whose life is made miserable by all this, both the MTA employees and the people who lose wages because they need the subways and buses to get to their jobs. But for me, someone with dubious wages no matter where I am, it's lovely to have a reason to stay home from work, skip the gym, and stare at the clock wondering when is not too early to have a beer. That was the dream at least. In reality I spent most of the day chained to my laptop doing more work that I would have at the office. The guilt of wearing a bathrobe in the middle of the day made me overcompensate.

On the radio in the background, I heard Mayor Bloomberg blasting the union's "thug" tactics, freezing pedestrians describing their walks across bridges, and stories of cabbies bribing people to get in their cars so that they'd have the four passengers required to drive into Manhattan. New Yorkers, as they do, rallied, improvised, skateboarded, smiled at each other. I stayed inside, except for a brief errand to move my car from one side of the street to the other. For one split second before parking, I entertained the idea of driving around to look for people in need of rides. But that seemed unsafe so I opted instead for a return to the bathrobe. Hence, more guilt.

My main regret today is not being able to go into Manhattan to wait in a long line to buy the season two DVD of the new Battlestar Galactica. As I'm sure you all know.